Tandon PAC 286

Another machine that came from Grapevine Information Services. This machine acted as the main file server with the Amstrad PC1512s and PC1640s for a number of years, until it was replaced by a more powerful 486 machine. This machine features Tandon's Data Pac removable hard drives.

Name. Tandon PAC 286.
Introduced. 1987.
Processor. Intel 80286 (switchable between 6 MHz and 8 MHz).
RAM. 1 Mb.
ROM. Unknown (containing BIOS).
Operating system. MS-DOS 3.3.
  • Parallel.
  • Serial.
  • Five expansion slots.
Monitor. Tandon yellow screen.
  • 5.25" floppy drive.
  • Two 30 Mb Personal Data Pac drives.
Expansion cards.
  • Tandon monochrome graphics card.
  • LANtastic network card.
Software installed (selection).
  • LANtastic Server.
  • QVX viewdata editor.

I sold the Tandon to a good home in early 2005, so unfortunately I can no longer answer any queries about it.

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